Bellagrand: la precuela de Harry y Jane Barrington

Sobre Bellagrand (Español)

Title: Bellagrand   
Author: Paullina Simons    
Published: March 2014, William Morrow & Company
Format: ARC Paperback, 560 pages
Source: Publisher via TLC Book Tours

They gave up everything to be together, but love was just the beginning of their journey…

Italian immigrant Gina, independent, compassionate and strong, desperately wants a family. Boston blue-blood Harry, idealistic and fiercely political, wants to create a better world, a better country. Bound together by tormented passion, they rail, rage, and break each other’s hearts, only to come face to face with a stark final choice that will forever determine their destiny.

Their journey takes them through four decades and two continents, through triumph and turmoil, from the wooden planks of the troubled, immigrant town of Lawrence, Massachusetts, to the marble halls and secret doors of a mystical place called… Bellagrand.

From internationally bestselling author Paullina Simons comes another compelling saga of heartbreak and redemption, and the devastating love story that led to The Bronze Horseman.

My thoughts: I first heard of Paullina Simons when I participated in a tour for her book, Children of Liberty, which was the prequel to her Bronze Horseman Trilogy. Now she’s back with a sequel to her prequel. I still haven’t read the trilogy, but now after reading this latest book, I’m more eager than ever to get to it!

I always find it so amazing how caught up you can get in a story and how some characters are so likeable and others so unlikeable. I found myself wanting to smack Harry for how selfish and self-absorbed he was throughout the whole book. It seemed that he only thought about himself and what he wanted, not really thinking about how his actions impacted those around him, especially not his wife or family. And as much as I liked Gina, I even found myself frustrated with her at times for sticking by him for so long.

It’s amazing what people will do for love. Gina loves Harry and is willing to stick by him no matter what. She believes in her vows and even though he seems to love his causes more than he loves her, she is unwilling to walk away from him. The emotion that Paullina Simons writes into her characters is strong throughout the book – the tensions that fly between Gina and Harry when they get into an argument over his ways and decisions are so life-like.

As I read this book, I wondered if I would have enjoyed it more had I already read The Bronze Horseman trilogy. Part of me thinks yes and part of me thinks no. I liked not knowing where things were headed, but then again, if I had read the trilogy, it would have been giving background on already familiar characters and/or events. I guess I will find out when I get around to reading the trilogy. Have you read this yet? Have you read the trilogy? What are you thoughts on the two new books?

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